Laboratory & In-Use Emission Testing

Across the nation, businesses that operate fleet vehicles are becoming increasingly focused on reducing vehicle emissions to meet tightening local, state and federal regulations, appease customer demands, and achieve corporate sustainability goals. The GNA-UCR team helps fleets conduct laboratory and/or in-use emissions testing to capture emissions data, conduct data analysis, and manage reporting needed to:

  • Evaluate low- or zero-emission vehicle/equipment purchase decisions
  • Meet grant and incentive reporting requirements
  • Validate the performance and durability of advanced transportation technologies

Plan Development

We provide a skilled and knowledgeable staff who can help fleets develop an emission test that meets their business objectives (e.g., government grant reporting). Our team’s process includes:

  • Developing a compliant test plan
  • Selecting vehicles or equipment to test
  • Determining the frequency and type of the testing
  • Identifying any logistics issues associated with testing (e.g., vehicle downtime)

Test Implementation

Our certified lab technicians follow the detailed instructions outlined in the emissions test plan to ensure fleet operators are in full compliance with grant requirements and/or achieving their testing goals. Our team’s process includes:

  • Documenting detailed test procedures
  • Operating the chassis dyno and/or portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS)
  • Managing all required reporting forms

Education & Training

Our team helps fleets train relevant internal stakeholders on proper procedure to regularly record data and test-related activities (e.g., for grant required reporting). Typical training audiences include:

  • Commercial vehicle drivers
  • Maintenance and repair technicians
  • Fueling and operations personnel

Compliance Reporting

We provide fleets with support reporting test results to the appropriate agency in the format required. Our team’s role includes:

  • Performing a final review of the report for compliance, inventory assessment and accuracy
  • Serving as a liaison between the fleet and government agency representatives for submissions and any follow up questions