Total Cost of Ownership Assessment

Our team fully understands the challenging decisions and choices that public and private fleet operators face in transitioning their fleet to vehicles that meet environmental goals while cost effectively and reliably moving goods and/or people. We help fleet managers identify and implement vehicles with fuel-technology platforms that:

  • Displace conventional fuel with cleaner renewable fuels
  • Achieve lower life-cycle costs via fuel, maintenance and operational savings
  • Reduce tailpipe and fuel-cycle emissions
  • Meet applicable environmental goals/mandates
  • Obtain affordable, stable and convenient fuel access (including renewable)
  • Fully capture operational benefits

As the landscape continues to evolve for advanced technology vehicles and alternative fuels, and as we continually move toward near-zero or zero-emission options, our team helps on- and off-road fleet operators evaluate the business case to implement the best alternatives for their operations.

Fuel & Technology Evaluation

We help fleets determine the right low- or zero-emission technology options to cost-effectively meet corporate goals and/or government regulations, while ensuring bottom-line needs to reliably move people and/or cargo. The comprehensive analysis includes:

  • Financial modeling of total cost of ownership
  • Logistics, weight, and range analysis
  • Technology comparisons and specifications
  • Benchmarking against similar clean vehicle deployment projects

Fuel Procurement & Infrastructure Development

We help fleets ensure that fueling is easy, reliable, and convenient by guiding them through the entire fuel procurement and contracting process. Our range of services include:

  • Evaluating currently available fueling infrastructure (public or private)
  • Supporting onsite station development—bid packages and construction (if needed)
  • Helping fleets generate cash flow from low-carbon and renewable programs (e.g., California LCFS, Federal RFS)

Facility Modification Management

We help fleets understand, document, and implement necessary maintenance and fueling facility modifications associated with moving to alternative fuel or electricity charging stations. Our services include:

  • Overseeing maintenance facility modifications
  • Conducting personnel training and safety demonstrations
  • Facilitating ongoing support and follow up

Project Funding Identification

We develop strategies to help fleets “buy down” the higher costs of purchasing clean vehicles and fueling/charging infrastructure. Services include:

  • Customized intelligence on available local, state and federal tax credits, grants and loans
  • Developing and submitting grant/incentive applications
  • Providing required reporting and compliance assistance
  • Overseeing fulfillment of funding program requirements