Product Development & Certification

As OEMs know, very significant capital investments are required for the research, development, testing, optimization, and certification of new clean transportation technologies, including battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, and other alternatives. The GNA-UCR team can provide comprehensive planning and management for this process, including:

Product Development

The GNA-UCR team can provide access to its world class laboratories and technical experts to aid in the development of advanced vehicle technologies, including:

  • Designing and implementing durability and emissions test protocols
  • Helping organizations revise designs to optimize performance

Government Relations

Our team has a long history of working with government agencies engaged in the certification and/or verification processes and can support OEMs with:

  • Facilitating meetings with key regulators
  • Developing messaging/documentation to educate key stakeholders on technology benefits

Certification Planning

Our team can help you get through the process of certifying or verifying a new low- or zero-emission vehicle, engine or equipment, including:

  • Systematically identifying all compliance and reporting requirements
  • Developing and documenting test strategies and plans
  • Validating technologies via industry respected, third parties in real-world use cases (e.g., fleet operators)

Finalizing Certification

We can help companies navigate the critical final submission steps with government agencies in order to help OEMs:

  • Secure approvals required to commercialize engines, fuels, hybrid-drive systems and after-treatment technologies (e.g., CARB, EPA)
  • Gain compliance status for incentive programs (e.g., California’s HVIP)